"The Enchanted Kingdom" by Dr. Eugene Tsvetkov.

Language: Russian

Format: PDF

Pages: 255


"The Enchanted Kingdom" is a fairy-tale about life in a state in which all miracles have been banned by order of its ruler. The kingdom is governed by the forces of reason and order, and controlled by fear. The miraculous, however, though proscribed, is not defeated, and it strikes back at the world of reason and order through the agency of the writer, Nikodim Yelin (the central figure in the novel), whose magical book subverts the life of this orderly state. His book has the property of effecting a metamaphosis in its readers, turning them into their real selves. The kingdom is soon filled with extraordinary monsters and strange creatures which are so appalled by their new appearance that they go insane or even die. The only way to survive is to endure this new guise, and eventually live through it to resume human form.

This situation closely parallels what is now happening in the USSR, as the new policies show many people up for what they are. The novel is a fairy-tale of symbolic realism, with a strong love intrigue, together with mystery and suspense.


Summary by

Dr Kevin Windle

Emeritus Fellow, formerly Associate Professor

(Translation Studies & Russian)




Роман-сказка "Царство" Евгения Цветкова.
Язык: Русский
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 255


Он был напечатан первый раз в сокращенном варианте в «Гранях», - рассказывает Цветков. И такое удивительное событие было, благодаря замечательному человеку Льву Рару, который заведовал журналом и своей волею напечатал в сокращенном виде мой роман, который занял 190 из 270 страниц журнала

"The Enchanted Kingdom" by Dr. Eugene Tsvetkov (rus. lng.)