"Creators by birth" by Dr. Eugene Tsvetkov.

Language: Russian

Format: PDF

Pages: 448


A reader in Moscow recently called this novel an en-cyclopedia of modern life in Russia.  It presents a wide range of Russian attitudes to life, less through the characters and models of classical literature than in the plots we choose and not infrequently write for ourselves.

The central idea is that we are all "creators" in this life, by virtue of being made in "the image and likeness of God", the Creator.

At the same time, the phrase which supplies the Russian title is a standard sociological term in the USSR, "tvorcheskie rabotniki" - literally, "creative toilers", signifying those who earn their keep in the areas of artistic or cultural life.  The Russian title thus contains a double meaning, like Gogol's "Dead Souls", lending the novel a mystical atmosphere all its own.

The plot is polyphonic and intricately constructed, but its complexity is partly concealed by continuous action.  It may be read as exciting science fiction or fantasy, though the narrative reflects many features peculiar to life in Russia today.

It is worth noting that the events described, including the supernatural ones, are based on real experiences, or at least, real dreams, and at some points the novel has proved, since the time of writing, to have anticipated actual events.

The novel comprises a prologue and three parts.




«Творческие работники» Евгения Цветкова.
Язык: Русский
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 448


"Творческие Работники" - произведение любовное, про Духа и земную красоту, и нашу бессмертную душу. Этот роман про то, как мы творим, не ведая что творим; страстно хотим того, о чем понятия не имеем, и, воображая себя избранными и отмеченными неземной силой Фаустами, губим и губим собственных Маргарит. "Творческие Работники" - это роман про нас с вами в любое время и любую эпоху. Ибо созданы люди по образу и подобию Господа, а про Него мы знаем лишь одно - Господь был Творцом всего сущего. Так и в нас - главное от Господа - это творчество нашей жизни. Увы, порой, мы так бездарны в этом, хотя намерения у нас благие, искренне жаждем любви, радости, бессмертия, и у всех болит душа, втиснутая в чужие или свои неловкие пьесы и сценарии.

"Creators by birth" by Dr. Eugene Tsvetkov (rus. lng.)