Artwork № 7.1 Pond Life

Presented by:

Catharine Somerville⠀


12 x 24”, acrylic on panel.



According to the Dictionary of Happy Dreams, the picture "Bright Colors" contains the image of "Joy and Happiness" or Achievement.




The ancients ordered dreams in different ways, confirming again and again that the control of our reality comes from There, from a Dream. ⠀


Happy “DA” offers to consider our paintings as a certain order of the Future, an appeal for the creation this Future. The content of the canvas, Happy DA suggests using through the traditional meanings of Images of Prophetic Dreams.


It is worth seeing our picture in a dream - the desired thing will happen in reality. Prophetic dreams come true. ⠀


One has only to choose a picture so that it contains images of your desired Prophetic Dream. ⠀

#7.1 Artwork

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