We use international language of dreams.

Tuesday, 05 July 2022

The ancients ordered dreams in different ways, confirming again andagain that the control of our reality comes from There, from a Dream.

Catching up on dreams all his life and working on his dream books, Evgeny Petrovich Tsvetkov suggested ordering prophetic dreams asking to fulfill our desires from the Kingdom of Dreams, as it was done in ancient times, only this time using the power of art.

So in the 1990s in Moscow, the creative movement Dream Art - DAism was born, since then several exhibitions have been organized, where paintings were selected according to the principles of the movement.

Today, we propose not only to select pictures, asking for happiness, but also to use the images of dreams and their meanings absolutely in any creativity, psychology and even business.


Happy Dream Art — Is the use of art in petitions for happiness through Prophetic dreams.


The album was created as a result of the response of Moscow artists to the idea of DAISM. Many paintings by the famous artist Valentin Konovalov and others were immediately created following the principles of the direction.
1993-94 г.
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