Happy Dream Art, Happy DA, born in Moscow 30 years back by Dr. Eugene Tsvetkov, follows an idea to create Happy Prophetic Dreams, which portend a priori our wish fulfilment. 

Happy DA paintings are magical pleas to the higher planes to send us such a vision prophesying our chosen aspiration. If the Dream is bent to us while sleeping, our wish for love, health, money, good luck or good news will be granted.

The real Prophetic Dreams always come true.


All the paintings in our gallery were created as the pleas for such promising Dreams, and follow the lists of images of Happy Prophetic Dreams presented by Dr. Eugene Tzvetkov in his book "Happy Dreams" published in Moscow. It is the first systematic file of what we are to dream about in order to make our vision a Prophetic one.


The Force of the Art works as a push for our message to reach the office of god Hypnos. 

Happy DA brings Back to Art its ancient magic of the Stone Age paintings, invoking a good Destiny Hunting.

Dictionary of

Happy Dreams

Dictionary of Happy Dreams was compiled as an inside out Dream Book's Summery from all over the Globe, and represents the list of images of a would be prophetic dreams for to fulfil the chosen wish.


Cloister. Temple. Live in a Castle. Float down a river. Wheat Field. Herd. To be a tramp. See Fight. Clean pool. Pig. Ant. Nest with nestlings. Fire in Stove. Gloves. Meet a Priest. Have wings. Silent Angel. Enter Big City. Eat fresh Loaf. To pray. Learn Letters. Eat or see Butter. Seal an Envelope.


Marsh. Sand. Barn. New Moon. Snow. White Colour. Put on Gloves. Beard grows. Put on weight. Have a Smallpox. Have big nose. Burn your palm. Dandruff. Hunch. Animal. Buttocks. Skin in ulcers, tumours. Trees in Snow. Green leaves. Flying Bird. Dead Lion. Be buried (more earth over more wealth). Cheese. Fresh Bread. Rotten Fish. Dragon. Give away money. Plant a tree. Sweep. To Beg and Get.


Rotten Swamp. Winter not in season. Squint. Kiss unknown woman. Put on Socks. Stockings. Warts on Hands. Itching. Hairy Hands. To hear sound of water droplets. Millet in a field. Sun covered with light cloud. Operate with Elevator. Get into Dirt and Excrements. To be smeared with Excrements. Old Hat. Dancing Bear. Kill enemy and be Smeared with his blood. Fleas. Lice. Bed Bugs. Spider makes its web. To get a Title. Strike a match. Buy a Carpet. Jongleur in circus (the more things in air the better).


Square. Rays of Light. Swollen nose. Tomb. Ride a Lion. Big Dog. General of Army. Peacock. Dragon attacks. Medal. Nice Smell.


Autumn not in Season. Well furnished room. To Sleep out-of-doors. Beautiful Woman. Many Footprints.


High smooth Tide. Outside Corner. To sneeze. To seal an envelope.


Thick eye Brows. Feel Anger at your Acquaintance. Stake. To make speech. See flat cakes. To be arrested. To swallow. Carrot. To bow. To know the destination. To be kicked.


Clean Kitchen. Nomad conical Hut. Green tree. Hairs on a chest. Thick Belly. Flour. Bucket full of water. Cream or Sour Cream. Fresh Bread. Straw. Trousers. Use a brush. Wife caresses. New Hat. Corn Field. Goose flock. Satin (to touch and buy). Pay Bills. To Sow. To be an artist...


Spring. Sunrise. Sunset. Sunday (the other day). Hut. Rain in a Sun shine. Eyes without Face. Strange Eyes. Faces without Body. Stranger Face in Mirror, Fancy Dress. See an execution. Sail on a Boat. To point out. Put on belt. See Death. Ashes. Pack your trunk. Iron. To read. Medical Operation. Birds of Pray. Bricks. Smell Parfume. Hear a Trumpet.


Beautiful Ear. White Rat. Treachery..


Give birth to a fish. See Death with a Scythe. Comb. Friendship. See your face. Suitcase in a Suitcase.


Get Robbed. Greese. Bird Nestle. Rake. Pot on a Fire. Bright Clean Pot. Be arrested and Put in Prison. 


Funeral, White Horse. Horse came into House. Wash Basin. Hoop.


Ground covered with green moss. Nestle. Break a looking glass. Plough. Crocodile (rich fiance) Slim Haunches. Mother and Farther together. Waltzing Catch Crayfish. Catch a fish (for girl a rich marriage). Rich Gifts (near marriage) Inheritance. Sour Cream, Cream (for lovers near wedding).


Bright, Hot Sun, Shamelessness. Get into Mental Hospital. Your Foot burned. White bull. Bull raises you with Horns. Reception at General of the Army Office. Half Naked on a Street (if there are no bad feelings). Daughter. Iron bar. Join harmonious Singing. Coat of Arms. Ball. Mother. Feel shame.


Angel over your House. Hear your Name. Worker. Mob. Bird. Costume for Carnival. Dog's Barking. Frog Croaking Monk. Old Widow. Burn. Light Breeze. Dig out something. Bright nails. Dawn. Summer not in Season. Happy Friend. Snow on the Mountains. Rainbow. House on Fire. Look at the sea. See your Ear. Anger towards Stranger. Watch an operation. Hear nice Singing. Somebody dies. Somebody attacks. Distinct Voice. Birds singing. Footsteps.


Bunch of Grapes. Fool moon. Opened Doors. Long eyelashes, Dancing Girl. Bare feet. Bright Stars. Long Carnival Procession or Demonstration. Bruise on your neck or hand. Beautiful Fingers. Sprinkle water over your Head (passion). Head got wet in a Rain. Red Colour. Snatch somebody's nose. Catch an illness. Be an Artist. Find diamonds (mutual love). Find a Purse full of money. Incandescent Coals, charcoals. (happy love) Parchment. Tomato (secret love).


Coals.  Wash yourself.  Sky with fiery clouds.  Fire  Clean yard.  Stove broken.  Be a widow.  Christmas.  Beautiful baby.  Tears.  Old lady. Beetle. Beggar  Your obituary.  Apricot.  Banner  Child's Tears.  High chimney with Smoke.  Birch Tree.  Eat Bread.  Somebody Birthday.  Yacht.  To count.  You are killed. Bright colors.


Clay.  Unclear Noises.  Very big eyes.  Additional Finger.  Neck.  Raincoat.  Calf chases.  Ugly person.  Kill Goose.  Angels.  Gather a litter.  Thick blocks.  Laurel (inheritance through wife).  Sea Trip without knowledge where to ...


Green Color. Daughter (for mother). Steamer. Bride. Holly man. Nails. Shoot with Bow. Seive. White Wall. Statue comes alive. Horse.


Abundance of Food.  Suitcase with Presents.  Eat jam.  Sleigh.  Depart.  Stand in niche.  Big Hands.


Somebody Smooth Forehead.  Wrinkles (popularity with other sex).  See Cow milked (new love).  Stroll in a Wood.  Bright plumage.  Dig out Something.  Rent a Flat.  Buy a Suitcase.  Tailor takes your measure.  Snow  Corn Flower.  Put on Skirt. 


Earrings.  Sheepskin Coat.  She-goat.  Puppet.  Stork.  Wild Straw-berries.  Crumbs pecked by birds.  Starling.


Silky Skin.  Thunder peal.  Swim in a sea.  Clear water spring.  Wash with Snow.  Beauty View.  Drink from a spring.  Star coming to Dreamer.  Castle.  To back a horse.  Fairy lady.  To nail.  Trash.  Litter.


Sail on a raft.  Old cap.  Ride in tax.  Alone  Funeral.  Stand on a balcony.  Die.  Throat cut.  Dwarf animals.  Adversary.  Feel Hungry.  Close a box, basket.  See bread baking.  Skating.  Set fire to Something ..


River Bank.  Bright colors.  To shoot Somebody.  To sail in boat. 


Butterfly.  Cow or Horse Tail.  Known nice melody.  Old Broom.  Somebody shoots you.  Bouquet.  Album.  Dig up Something.  Milk a Cow.  Get chilly .. Big Hall (meeting wished for) ...


To Buy tooth paste or to clean teeth.  Bird flying.  Egg on a plate. Small beautiful baby.  You are shot from afar ..


Flowing smoothly clean water.  Visit of Policeman.  Fool.  Rakes.  Nausea.  Feel Cold. 


Woman with long, beautiful Hair.  Long Rope.  To write your Obituary.  Dig up a treasure.  Eat mushrooms.  Celebrate

Birthday. Become young.  Cough. Сemetery - long life.


Walking or Sitting on a Sand (meeting an old friend).  Darn (new friend).  Christmas Party.  Feel Burn (new friendship).  Beautiful eyes.  Dog.  Twine a Rope.  White Plume.  Pillow (new friend).  Statue comes alive (return of friendship).  Get an Advise ..


Young Widow.  Palace.  Strange Room.  Known Enemy.  Church from afar. Bright Get into Trap.  New boots  Thick Big Head.  White Clean teeth.  Throat ache.  See buttocks.  Get Suffocated.  Carnival Dress.  Ugly person.  King  Queen  Fish alive in a water, To be crazy.  Ask Questions.  To be caught in theft.  To hear Flute.  See Ship Departure ..


Amphitheater. Rope. Raft. To Knit Big Transparent Wave. Sea Beach. Alone in Cinema. Long Hairs.  Socks.  Stocks. Crayfish. To call your own name. Map. Be executed. Watermelon.


See an idiot. Dew. Fountain. To fly. Many Stars. Enter a castle. Dressed in white. Pray in church. Woman breast. Break a Pot. Honey. Light a lamp. Hay. Horse shoe. Seal an envelope.


Flower. Spring not in season. Opened Coffin. Big City Beat your children.  Doors open, Feel Fatigue.  Bath full of water.  To be hanged. Thick Brows.  To be kicked into buttocks.  Pig. Old Coat. Kill your enemy.  To cough  Head taken off Plenty of Eggs. To walk on the top of a wail. Pick up Fruits. Many corpses and no bad feelings. Peel onion.  Press button.  Woman footprints.  Bright Candle. Tree in blossom.  Your own footprints ..


Room Brightly lit.  Ram.  Stand on the Roof.  Harness a stallion.  Firm Healthy Feet.